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Mobility Consulting

It all starts with a 360-degree consultation where we strategize the best-in-class solutions for our clients at highly competitive rates. We make use of the dynamic-model approach and infuse client preferences with ideas pertaining to:

  • Technology Plans
  • Mobility Business
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Solar IT Solutions has the experience, tools, and technologies to create such demanding enterprise architecture and software solutions. Leverage our 600+ combined years’ experience in enterprise software development, APIs, modernizing legacy applications for consolidating your application portfolio.

Automating Business Processes

Once the mobility consultation is initiated, we address the BPA (Business Process Automation) techniques for automating organizational activities on the basis of workflows and specified functions. This phase takes care of:

  • Sales-Specific Mobility Requirements
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

Information Management

This is where we take care of the information flow and make sure that uniform, secured, and formatted distribution takes place. We take note of:

  • Complex Data Reserves
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Existing Security Guidelines

iOS Mobile Application Development

After getting well-versed with the client details, automated business processes, and information reserves, we start with the mobile app development process, dedicated towards iOS. During this phase we deploy:

  • Professional developers
  • In-House Coding Strategies
  • Agile Methodology for maximizing velocity
  • End-to-End Support
  • Application Store Deployment
  • Maintenance and Platform Updates, if and when required

Android Mobile Application Development

Next we have our Android application development services dedicated towards a specific clientele and diverse industry verticals. We provide:

  • Native app development strategies
  • Hybrid app development strategies
  • UI/UX Designing Ideas
  • Android Web Applications
  • Application Porting and Testing
  • App Consultation

Cross-Platform Application Development

Our mobility services envision and create applications that cater to a wider-audience base. A cross-platform mobile app is something that has a unified source code which can be used to run the application on all the existing platforms. Our approach towards this process involves:

  • Using technologies and functional frameworks like Xamarin, REACT NATIVE, etc.
  • Offering powerful backend frameworks
  • Agile Development technique for quick application time
  • Post Development and Deployment Support
  • Offering Reusable and Scalable Codes